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Fine dining in the area

Although many of our guests enjoy the experience of hiring a chef to prepare dinner, bake pizza or conduct a cooking class, there are a number of exceptional restaurants nearby to tempt you away for a meal:

Osteria del Borro, located on the Ferragamo estate, is a 20 minute drive from Barbazzano. The food is creative and delicious and the wine list extensive. Especially if lunch is planned, we recommended you arrive early and explore the restored medieval village now containing apartments, shops and intricate dioramas illustrating the tale of Pinocchio and medieval life (open seven days).


Osteria Antico Borgo, located just 10 minutes away in Civitella, is a charming, intimate restaurant set in an old olive oil mill. Both the food and wine at Antico Borgo are impressive.


Ristorante Neda, despite its humble appearance, prepares some of the best Chianina steak in the area. Their Fiorentino (a good 3” thick) is served on a chafing dish that not only keeps the food warm but also continues to cook it as you work your way in from the edges of the cut. This is a great place to absorb the local color, and you may not spot any other foreigners when you go. Neda is in Pieve al Toppo, approximately 20 minutes away (closed Monday evening and Tuesday).

Lancia d’Oro, in nearby Arezzo's Piazza Grande, serves upscale cuisine in a cozy setting. Well worth an evening trip, you can stroll up the Corso Italia, the main pedestrian street, when all Arezzo is out and socializing (open seven days).

Mivà di Più, also in central Arezzo, is a must-visit ristorante for those seeking fantastic local flavors and people. Especially when the Azzuri (the nickname for the Italian national soccer team) are playing, we've never felt more immersed in Tuscan culinary culture.

Trattoria Za Za is in Florence's city center, and a meal here consistently makes for an unforgettable day, night, or both! With its innumerable offerings, one would need to go quite often in order to try everything on the menu. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor seating, the atmosphere at Za Za is simply unique.

*If you'd like to leave the driving to someone else, we recommend a car or bus hire with Italian Style.

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