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excursions and events


During your stay, get to know our distinctive corner of Tuscany on horseback or bike. The hills surrounding Barbazzano contain numerous trails to explore. Hike or ride through acres of olive trees, past vineyards and up wooded hillsides. Hire a yoga instructor or masseuse to come to the villa. Golf and tennis facilities are nearby. 


Barbazzano lies within a thousand acre game reserve; you may catch a glimpse of pheasants, hares, deer, woodpeckers and reclusive wild boar, all of which abound nearby. Barbazzano is a feast for all the senses. 


Depending on the season, there are usually many “sagras” held in our area. Usually held on weekends and focusing on a particular food (i.e., polenta, cinghiale, funghi) the sagras are a great opportunity to soak up the local flavor of our region. To see a listing of upcoming events, click here.

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